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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Kaelyssa... and blue...

Well... painting away... slowly... very slowly... not helped by choosing a pattern to paint on the Manticore that is a royal pain in the arse to do... photos to come up when I can bothered to take them under a half-decent light (oh yeah, my desk light is rubbish to paint at, will have to move my butt over to the main room light). And I still can't decide what colours to highlight Kaelyssa with...

Meanwhile, good grief, there are a shedload of parts on the Vectors, might take a while... >_> ... and whoever said Syntherion looks like a Swiss Army knife was right... but he's a helluva lot more annoying to put together than one of those utility must-haves... -_- playing him will be a steep learning curve, too, by the looks of things.

*shrugs* Ah... more glue-nose awaits...

And Guardians of the Galaxy is a barrel of laughs (finally watched it... laying stress on the word 'finally'...).


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Of colour & messes...

Well... the Convergence of Cyriss stuff will remain in their boxes...

Actually, tell a lie, just the battlebox will remain so... the Clockwork Angels, Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex and Elimination Servitors have been assembled, but won't be primed/painted for a while yet.

Thus, onto the main project of the... god only knows how long: Retribution of Scyrah. Finally gotten around to starting painting Kaelyssa (plastic... metal on the way) and her battlegroup.

Problem: just cannot decide on a colour scheme, and my laziness which lead to not removing the mould lines might make them a tad unsightly. Still, blue, silver, purple and green (all dark shades)... somehow... -_-

Will post a pic when I think it won't be too horrendous... and vaguely complete... >.>

And here, I'm contemplating getting Circle of Orboros stuff... ¬_¬



And why isn't a decent version of Andrea Uderzo's artpiece of Kaelyssa anywhere online (unadulterated, that is...)?!


Anyway, my colour scheme... nothing like this one: -_-



Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Ah... indolence...

*looks at date of last post*

Welp... looks like time for a fresh-ish start...

Anyway... because of work, studies and new hobbies, writing has somewhat stalled (Iberia remains incomplete, though conceptually, everything's there... just need more time, something sorely lacking at present, but ho hum...). In its stead, though... perhaps something of similar creativity will come about...

Might as well... WarMachine!! -_-

Went and bought this the other day:

Along with a couple other bits and pieces... perhaps the most difficult faction in WMH to play, but we'll see where this goes... paint them up first since no-one at my club knows I've picked up a second faction... Still, got to shake the reputation I have as a reprobate elf player (Eldar, WH40K: check; Dark Elves, WHF: check; any Elves, BloodBowl (whenever I decide to cobble a team together): check; Retribution of Scyrah, WMH: yes, check; pretty much any elves in any WRPG: check, again...) so mad scientists it is...

And many would find that fitting. The Second Harmonic (the Nine Harmonics being Convergence's equivalent of the Commandments of Biblical origins) particularly tickles me: the only true language is Mathematics... -_-

I wonder if they copied Galileo there: Mathematics is the language with which God has written the Universe... I used to know that in Italian, too... oh, Donald in Mathmagicland... knew I remembered it from somewhere...

Hope to get this up and running on a semi-regular basis... and who knows, I might actually get round to painting miniatures at some point... ¬_¬ Well, more than the half done Werner Klocke stuff I did for riot's Killing 3000 skirmish game... -_-


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Imperator: Iberia

... is already half-written it seems... most of the core story's down on the page, just need to put it into a coherent order and tie everything in. And new character: Artemis, who's a wolf... just need to find more characters I can kill off... -_-

Anyway, watching Suisei no Gargantia, which is looking pretty good so far... pity it's only 12 episodes long... like all the good series that have been released lately.

Ah well...


Saturday, 30 March 2013

Quicker than I thought...

So... let's see where this takes me...



Waiting... waiting...

The twelve hours that won't go quick enough...

Never mind... on to part 2: Iberia.

Lost count of how much I've written for it, but it looks as though I'm going to have re-write all the conversations between Polybius & Laelius... they were done way before I decided to have the historian narrate in present tense. *grumble*

Perhaps I should go onto that weird new project I've got going on... into which I've managed to weave the 'magnum opus' universe. *shrug* Might do it just to get my mind of SPW for a while. Not that I'd ever get tired of it.

Oh, and... is it me or is Assassin's Creed 3 a rather sparse and boring game? Still going to finish it, but probably won't ever replay it... need to get onto The Witcher 2 at some point... and Bioshock Infinite... -_-


Four hours... maybe less... -_-

So, from the blurb:

" Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus: a name that is forever inscribed into the annals of Roman history – brother to Scipio Asiaticus, grandfather to Scipio Aemilianus, victor over Hannibal Barca and a hallowed name among the greatest heroes and consuls of Rome. There is no doubt that he was the greatest soldier born to Rome in a time when she better looked to without to see her enemies than to within. But wherever Africanus went during the nine years of his stellar career in the western Mediterranean and more, be in no doubt that one Gaius Laelius went also. This is the little known and almost untold story of the man born with neither name nor fortune, nor influence nor prestige who became Consul of Rome and companion to history’s first 'Imperator'.

Italia – Hannibal invaded the hinterlands of the Roman Republic, marking the start of the Second Punic War. He remained undefeated in the years of conflict on Italian soil. Thus, many were the frustrations of the sons of Rome who could do little to change the Fortunes of their nation. They could but trust in Publius’ father and uncle, who remained the only long victorious forces in this war, in far off Iberia. Yet, Publius saw his opportunity to take the war to Carthage and her allies, but at what cost did he pay to have Fortune look well upon him? And how could Gaius be of help to his best friend, when he was not and could not be either common or knightly? "

Cheesy? Eh... it's all, more or less, true, I guess...
Copyright belonging to... well, the author... and me... -_-

And cool artwork, c/o Shaven Raven Designs. Hope it's a good addition to your portfolio 'U U'! :)


*ventures to wikipedia* ¬_¬

EDIT @ 16:30 Well, the button has been pressed, so now to wait... will post up the link once it appears on the shop's Kindle Store... :|