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Continue for the scribblings of a slightly (many will beg to differ) mad Englishman with an overactive imagination and nothing to lose (well, not much).

If you get stuck in the quicksand that is the insides of my head, good! Stay there and bask in the euphoria of my insanity.

(Yeesh, sorry, that sounds a bit flat, doesn't it?) Anyway, I hope some of you will be able to immerse yourself in the rubbish that I post.

Bye for now,


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Of Meatgrinding & Body Counts...

Today's gaming was of two halves, both fun in their own way... pity no Godslayer, but Nigel misunderstood something... or didn't get to read my post... or something... So just a couple games of WarMachine, no great loss.

Anyway, first up was Jack (shaggy) with this ugly bastard(!):

I was continuing my practise with Kae, while Jack was just returning to the game, so second game in, we'll take it relatively easy with 35pts a side and having a go with SR2015 rules (albeit casually, didn't bother with the auto-chosen objectives' buffs) etc. So, I rolled Two Fronts, Jack won the roll off and I chose a side with two staggered walls on the left, forest on the right. He had a hill and some rough terrain while a small building was smack in the middle of the board.

So, accompanying Kae was Sylys, a Banshee and a Chimera, also bringing along max DG Sentinels with UA, Lady Aiyanna & Master Holt, an Arcanist, Narn (Mage Hunter of Ios) & the Pain Knight. Jack deployed, from his left to right, Advance Deployed Kell Bailoch, a full WGDS (Winter Guard Death Star, comprising Winter Guard infantry, three Rocketeers, UA and Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich, affectionately known as Kovnik Joe), Juggernaut, Man-O-War Kovnik, max Man-O-War Shocktroopers and Advance deployed Widowmakers and a (Lady) Manhunter. The Butcher and his Puppy were behind the main line. Jack was oddly surprised by my somewhat lower model count (also from left to right, Narn, Pain Knight, the Sentinels, Banshee, Kae and Chimera on the far right with A&H/Sylys/Arcanist just tucked in behind the Banshee and Sentinels)... he'd be even more surprised when he viewed deployment for the next game.

Anyway, Jack opened proceedings by legging everything forwards (surprise surprise) while Joe made a grand speech about having the Courage of the Forefathers (Fearless/Tough blech-ness). Lesson number one, though... super-solos like the Manhunter (Lady vesion) are no good pushed upfield so quickly, and she was promptly charged by Narn, who Sprinted in and amongst the Widowmakers. The Sentinels tramped up, as did the Banshee and A&H, while Kae popped feat and threw a Rift at the WGDS and knocked out a couple. Turn two saw the WGDS scratch the Chimera, while the Men-O-War (Kovnik aside) and Juggernaut moved up to contest and boss the middle of the board (that annoying building... not for me, though, 'cos Phantom Hunter! Heheh! ... notwithstanding). A couple more Rifts saw the WGDS whittled down a little, while a yoyo-ing Narn darted back and forth, swiping at the Shocktroopers and the Sentinels started to pull their weight, Vengeance attacks and charges doing a number on the 'harmed' Juggernaut (thanks to Aiyana's Kiss of Lyliss) and cutting down a few of the Shocktroopers, also thanks to the Pain Knight. The WGDS then spied an opportunity, but order of activation issues aside, it was well conceived, though risky given Kae's position, largely covered by the Banshee in front of her. A speculative assassination attempt thus passed and the Butcher shrugged his shoulders and barrelled in, cleaving Skeryth into four and slicing apart a few Sentinels, accompanied by the Wardog. Vengeance downed the puppy and wrecked the Juggernaut, but the canine Tough'd it. My final turn saw the Sentinels 'charge' (no charge bonuses anywhere, though, pretty much) and finally kill the dog so that smacking the Butcher might be viable now and he was taken to eight hitboxes by four attacking Dawnguard. That was... OK, I guess, considering he was sitting on ARM22... -_- But Narn to the rescue, as he charged Butcher in the back, negated the FOC overboosting (yay for Arcane Assassin!) and dealt 10 damage, securing the assassination.

And thus the battlefield ended:

An educational game, more for Jack than me, as our post-mortem chat said, but at least now I know what the WGDS is like... seems AOE/Corrision to death is the best option there. Still, having played a few games with them, I'm really starting to appreciate Aiyana & Holt, as the numerous spells at the elf's disposal made Khador's high ARM and their own survivability manageable. And, as though it didn't need stressing enough... Kae needs to have something... anything (but preferably large and belligerent) between her and the gun-muzzles/pointy end of stabbing implements. Hopefully, Jack will be a regular fixture at Tanelorn again and we can have some 50pt games soon. :)

With that and a genial chat done, during which... yes, Iberia will be worked on at long last... *ahem*... -.- Ed S (or EpicEd as PaulO refers to him as... I'm PrimeEd... which I'll take as a compliment) had some random Cryx spam in his case, so we left the terrain/board as it was and patched together 50pt lists. He had this bitch... -_-

So, game two was pSkarre with Bane spam galore (2 x max Knights, 1 x max Thralls + UA), along with two Bonejacks, the Ghost Raiders, Orin Midwinter, Scrap Thralls and Skarlock. I had no real 50pt list on me, so just threw out Mittens with Rahn (first time since the Shield Tournie a couple months ago), Banshee/Phoenix, the Sentinels, A&H, eEiryss and Narn. I was easily outnumbered at least 5:3, and the game started with me running up, him running in return, then a grind-fest for the rest of the battle.

In turn two, I remained cautious and made sure the Sentinels couldn't be charged (Polarity Field) while Mittens ambled along behind them. The Phoenix facilitated knocking out some of the Knights/Ghost Raiders thanks to its gun and Rahn arc-ing. Vengeance made little difference for the Knights as MAT 6 on Narn did little. Skarre then feated and got in the face of my line. It didn't seem to make much of an impact as while EdS got rid of my Phoenix and some Mittens on the right, the Sentinels were largely untouched. Even so, Vengeance and another round of Great Sword smashing cleared out a few more Knights & Thralls. Rahn feated back, helping out while Eiryss and Narn slowly picked off Knights on the left with some help from the Mittens in the vicinity. He pegged me back a little next turn with Dark Guidance helping out with the average MAT, but there were insufficient attacks to dent my advance on the left and my rather thin right flank remained obstinate at the base of his control zone. Over to me and his right was completely cleaned out and with my control zone clear, I should've kept Rahn there to tick off some CP (EdS was winning 1-0 thanks to smacking my objective), especially considering his quickly dwindling model count. A few magic attacks and charges by Narn and he was suddenly down to less than ten models and the remaining Sentinels (6 of them) sweeping towards his centre. Skarre, on the corner of Ed's control zone went for it and thanks to sacrificing a Scrap Thrall to get 6 Focus for this turn, spelled Rahn to death, getting 12 to-hit and 8 and 13 on the damage rolls.

Here, knowing Skarre was on the backfoot, I should've remained cautious and had Rahn kept behind the building and in my control zone as Ed's army was down to Skarre, three Scrap Thralls, the Skarlock, one Bane Thrall and its Standard Bearer, a Bonejack and that was literally it! Aside from my Phoenix, I hadn't lost anything in its entirety, one unit of Mittens was still alive and kicking, and the Banshee had just been repaired to full (pretty much). Trying to clear out Ed's control zone was too ambitious, perhaps, and trying too hard was the mistake. This was a good example of when I should have just kept to the basics, keep Rahn safe, use this late game period to occupy what remained of Ed's offensive pieces, and keep the attrition battle going, I was blatantly winning it and should have won were it not for naive and rather wilful ambition.

Still, even so, a most productive afternoon. Don't think I've been so heartened by defeat!


Monday, 12 January 2015

Some undead... some more undead... and a couple of chaps with hats!

As a bit of a foil to riot's post (found here, curse me for not taking pictures... though given how I didn't have any painted minis... perhaps a good idea), here is the (Mis)-Adventures of the Blademasters... traitors to Naggaroth, outcasts from Ulthuan and Athel Loren, and drunken sots all!

So I'm playing Mordheim... yet another system... though I've got the minis, thanks to never properly starting Warhammer Fantasy Battle. For the first game, however, I was a lazy bastard and proxied a whole load of WarMachine minis in... yay me... -.-

Anyway, here we go with a brief tale of a chance encounter between elves, some ghouls, some zombies and Davy Crockett! Given a combination of silly camping, all round ribbing and bad luck, the elves didn't do much that was productive, hence the light tone. First attempt at tongue in cheek prose in a while... ah well...

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Because I could...! So I did...!

In about three weeks, I watched all of Avatar: the Last Airbender, and Avatar: the Legend of Korra... and read three of the interquel graphic novels (The Promise, The Search & The Rift).

And strangely, given my hobbies and general maturity, despite being a Briton, the constant use of the word "bender" didn't have me tittering every other microsecond.

In general, AtLA was a superior all rounded package, but I felt that LoK had much more potential... crocked by Nick's corporate meddling that didn't allow some characters to develop properly, the really inappropriate themes (for a kid's show... I mean seriously, whose bright (and it really was, given how well it was portrayed) idea was it to put a horridly well-thought terrorist attack on screen... and are kids supposed to grasp luck egalitarianism(?!), never mind PTSD) that didn't manage to bring their full impact or for certain subplots to reach a sufficient or fitting conclusion. But eh... I enjoyed them both... a lot...

That is all... -__-



OK, so... had a game the other week against PaulO of Tanelorn who brought out Lich Lord Asphyxious (Gaspy2) and a modicum of Bane spam against Kae and an adjustment to last week's list (as mentioned, I ditched the Stormfall Archers & House Shyeel Artificer (wut?!) for Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen and Narn, Mage Hunter of Ios). Balance of Power, if I remember right, but I don't think either of us really bothered with it. I could've been leading 1-0 before getting assassinated, but brain fart prevented even that consolation.


Bane Lord Tartarus
Darragh Wrathe
Saxon Orrik
Pistol Wraith

(max) Bane Thralls + UA
(max) Bane Knights
(max) Satyxis Bloodwitches + UA
(min) Bile Thralls

And I think that was it... (real mini-battle report because I can't remember everything... ahem):

Paul had first turn, and surprise, surprise, ran with everything. I counter ran and popped feat, plinking off a Bane Knight with Eiryss2, triggering Vengeance. The Defiler proceeded to walk up and vomit over Eiryss leaving me a tad peeved... I still need to learn how to use that 3pts of pure awesome (a recurring theme it seems, though Narn could AD, he sat next to Kae at first). But dear lord, sitting the Banshee in the middle of a crowd of Invictors was dumb (bright idea, but the spacing was all wrong as they were all crowded together, crippling the Vyre myrmidon's mobility). The respective jammers of each list then got in each other's faces, though clever placement of the Halberdiers (woohoo! did something right... -_- ) meant their mini-feat (Incorporeal for a round) was a little ineffectual. Paul's mistake here was Tartarus' placement, as he was charged by the Halberdiers and promptly sliced in two thanks to the Houseguardsmen's own mini-feat. The Invictors shot off a few Banes, Narn zipped back and forth, Skeryth poked a couple more and the myrmidons clobbered a few more. On the whole, it was a good post-feat turn for me, rolled hot to help.

Having killed off a fair proportion of his Banes, Paul popped Gaspy's feat, but somewhat wasted it as only about two thirds were in charge range. A couple tripped over themselves, but he did enough damage with these annoying weapon-masters to total the Banshee and bring the Phoenix to its knees (the Pistol Wraith helped out in Chill'ing it...). His Bile Thralls purged (each other in one case) and wiped the Halberdiers out and turn 4 started with very little on the board. The Phoenix's combustion finished off the Satyxis bitches, except the UA, and I went for a speculative assassination run but forgot about Hellbound on Gaspy that meant an unhorsed Skeryth couldn't charge. Saxon's Reconnaissance on the Cryxian, two hits later and game over.

The major mistake committed was moving Skeryth on a dumb ride-by attack towards his Defiler when he should've covered Kae while she secured CP. And it failed at that, idiotically. The last moves of the game were more out of desperation than any remote sort of game plan, so eh...

Thus, lessons learned: the Halberdiers are great on the charge with their mini-feat and when they get the alpha, but Reform only protects them so much, so they really need a support piece to prevent them from getting wiped off the board the next turn. Twice I've taken them, and twice, they've only made one or two attacks per model at most. Hell, moving them backwards is probably the best idea given their silly threat ranges when the Thane's mooching around behind them.

Now, this was the combat oriented approach to Kae's list that I have. There is still those 8pts left behind (perhaps I may make it 11pts since Eiryss2 and I don't have much of a working relationship, but I'll persist, and next time play her closer to the main battle-line). The other option is more shooty... maybe Lady Aiyana & Master Holt with the Destor Thane.

However, with the spoiler'd arrival of this:

things may change yet again. However, I think I'll wait until I get Moros' model before doing anything silly. But his Paralysis gun (woops... spoiler... yeah, I think most Ret players already know, so moving on) will make taking a pair of Mage Hunter Assassins quite worth it. With Kae's Arcantrik Bolt, it can take a couple heavies out of the picture for a bit, potentially.

With all this and my last entry in mind... why the hell did I start Mordheim?!



Monday, 22 December 2014


So, mini report incoming. Kae vs. Master Necrotech Mortenebra

Mortenebra & Deryliss (Infernal Machines Tier 4)
Slayer x 4
Reaper x 2

Warwitch Siren x 2
Scrap Thrall x 9

Scenario was Outflank and Nigel (my Cryxian opponent of the day at Tanelorn WGC) won the roll off and chose to go first, from deployment:

Deployment was OK for me, had a building to anchor one flank and I started off on the right thought, keeping everyone nicely compact as the Cryx force brought few AOE's.

Unsurprisingly, Nigel raced everything he had forwards. With an extended deployment zone and AD'ing Scrap Thralls they were already more than half way across the board as the elves advanced. The Invictors picked off six Thralls and the myrmidons smacked another two and little could be done against the helljacks owing to having Stealth during the first round. Big mistake number one: Eiryss activated after the Halberdiers after a great deal of um-ing and ah-ing over whether or not to plink Spectral Steel off one of the Reapers (pro-tip... should've!). Kae feated forcing the Cryxians to back off a little, and they did so, while still maintaining a presence in both control zones, while one raced forward to tie up the Phoenix.

Managed to Backlash the running Slayer mid-combat and was left with four damage after the Phoenix, Artificer and a few of the Halberdiers smacked it, while the rest of the Halberdiers charged another Slayer and the second Reaper. Their reform move, though, was big mistake number two. They're not Sentinels (clearly!) and gain little from being base to base. Punishment duly followed when they were trampled next turn leaving only a small handful left alive, no thanks to Terminal Velocity. Mortenebra's battlegroup continued a leisurely advance, tying up the Invictors who, even with their Flank bonus barely managed to wreck the already damaged Corrupter. The less said about the Stormfall Archers' performance the better... :|

A sorry state indeed:

And that was basically it... Nigel won comfortably on scenario, but gaining only 19VP (all the Halberdiers, even if the Standard Bearer was still alive(!), the Artificer, half the Archers, Eiryss and the Thane) while I won 28 (I think... from two Slayers, one Corrupter and all the Thralls). My battlegroup was untouched though the Invictors were about to get swiped if the game continued further into Nigel's fourth turn, even if another trio of his helljacks were scraped and moderately beaten.

In fairness to myself, had I won the first turn, the integrity of my battleline would not have been so easily disrupted and with his Scrap Thralls a minimum of 3" away, and in prime position to be picked off by the Invictors, Myrmidons and even the Archers, setting up feat turn nicely. But, dreaming isn't always a good idea.

Anyway, once again, AD'ing seems to cause me more headaches than it should as Eiryss did little and achieved less. In general, attrition seems to be what I'm alright with, but boosting key-rolls passes me by (the Banshee missed both its shots on 6's to hit, rather infuriatingly). As for those that can't be boosted, well, here we go:

Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper... and Stormfall Archers:

While most factions have a dedicated light artillery weapon team unit (or something equivalent), Retribution's Heavy Rifle Team is on the bad side of "meh" in terms of quality, and the prevailing consensus is that they have a home in a total of zero caster's lists (with the improbable exception of Ossyan, and even he includes them with great reluctance), thus, Retribution's real go-to artillery piece is the Stormfall Archer unit. Toting compound bows with superb range, they bring ranged flexibility to the table. If you know anything about Ravyn, then you don't need me to tell you this... so why did I take Stormfalls with Kae yesterday?

I did so before, in a rather strange 40pt game against, Iain, another journeyman level player at Tanelorn, and they performed admirably... taking down one Bonejack and knocking out a few Thralls here and there. But during the game against Mortenebra, with Kae... getting the Stormfalls to hit isn't that much of a problem, there are four of them and with a threat range of 21", at least a couple will hit what you point them at, but hitting reliably and when you really want/need them to is a problem. Kae does little, if anything for the Stormfall Archers, and my original idea of having them soften targets up for the other units to charge into became flawed as Nigel's game developed (hardly mine, for all I was involved in it). Or rather, it was flawed from the start. Granted, taking it against a helljack heavy list isn't the brightest idea, but carpet-bombing an area of low-ARM units makes them a great unit. Still, with a decidedly mediocre RAT, and no way of boosting it, their inclusion in a Kae list was problematic from the start as reliably hitting is necessary.

With Ravyn, they have feat to be completely and utterly devastating as Firestorm mitigates their inability to hit particularly well and four Brutal shots at most things has them bleeding from the ears. Rahn can use Force Hammer or Telekinesis to make life a little easier for them. Ossyan's Gravity Well makes their damage output close to obscene (even AOE damage under this feat can make heavy infantry worried) while Quicken lets them race into a prime firing position early on and aim the entire time. Issyria buffs them with feat as well, letting them Starstrike Stealth'd high-DEF units and smell the barbecue later, and even away from feat turn, Blinding Light makes things easier too. Even Garryth, who has little affinity for the Archers, could give them Apparition to increase their threat range and aiming potential. Both incarnations of Vyros are too much of a pair of elitists (Dawnguard or get lost!) to favour the Stormfalls. And that leaves Kae. Her spells can protect them from... well, other spells, and feat still leaves them vulnerable to straying blast damage, owing to their mediocre ARM. So in general, there's little there to help, except one combination: Arcantrik Bolt & Brutal'ing the stationary 'jack. But this is very situational. Strangely, I didn't use Arcantrik Bolt at all against Nigel, given how many juicy targets there were, but he successfully presented me with too many threats to deal with at the same time, I ended up following a familiar path (piecemeal commitment), and besides... Jump Start. Alternatively, in that game: Banshee's Momentum & more Brutal'ing. But the need to effectively deal with multiple threats is too great to have fifteen points (with another three in the Artificer, for support) absorbed in dealing with six or seven points.

Thus, I return to a basic 42(+7)pts (basically my list minus the Stormfall Archers and the House Shyeel Artificer). The balance of ranged & melee combat is fine, I think, as the units now have the right role and the battlegroup is dominated by two utility pieces.

For the remaining 8pts, the ideal would be elements that have high hitting power without the need for support. Though Kae is a support caster, making things easy (whether through spells or otherwise) is quite situational, so at the moment, I'm looking at high MAT/RAT stuff... Within the 42pts are elements that can either boost their own hitting reliability/damage output or it's already relatively good anyway. Everything is 6+ on the stat that counts and those with less than 8 can Combine, boost or get another bonus (i.e. Flank). As much as I'd like to bring the Mage Hunter Strike Force back, they can take advantage of Backlash but little else (yes, I know I'm wrong, and why I'm wrong is the reason I'm still a comparative noob at the game). So 8pts... the Destor Thane is tempting, but its utility might be a bit of a trap given its average stat weapon. My initial thoughts were Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen & Narn, Mage Hunter of Ios as hard-hitters for the alpha strike, but another gun wouldn't go amiss...

But for all this... I learn. Lesson to be taught: how to sell an element dearly in battle. That and learning how to use Eiryss, Angel of Retribution properly.

Or, alternatively... I could pack in this whole game and continue learning Godslayer! -__-

Woohoo! -.-


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Our girl Kae...

Random thoughts commencing...

So, I've been playing WarMachine for about six months with varying levels of success with my primary faction being the emo-racist-terrorist elves of Ios, militaristically given form within the Iron Kingdoms universe in the Retribution of Scyrah.

A relatively small faction, they have seven casters, one with an epic form, four light jacks (called myrmidons, a strange term given that it means 'ant-person', but it adds a certain alien character, and I find it delightfully quaint), six heavy jacks, three character heavy jacks, one colossal jack, one battle engine, ten units, one weapon attachment, five dedicated unit attachments, one character unit attachment, eight solos, four faction only character solos and two faction friendly mercenary solos (one of them also possessing both an epic and legendary version). And not forgetting the smallest roster of possible Mercenaries & Minions outside of the Convergence of Cyriss. Yeah, so... not much! *ahem*

Anyway, as with many Retribution, I started with Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper as my first caster... she was in the battlebox after all. Swept away by the fluff (my first purchase was the Forces of WarMachine book, oddly... or perhaps not) and her theme list, I had a difficult time adjusting to how Kae played. Yes, she is considered very fondly among the Retribution players' community, with many gamers ribbing each other declaring that "No! She is my girl, Kae!!" and indeed, I say the same.

She is, perhaps, the most subtly versatile caster among the WarMachine factions with very few devastating tricks, but a great deal of tricks nonetheless. To Retribution players, she is everyone's friend (so long as you've got pointy ears), with very few genuinely bad match-ups, particularly against WarMachine, and against Hordes, even though a couple of her spells (Arcantrik Bolt & Backlash) lose their value, she still brings a bit of irritation.

And with No Quarter 54's release of the Force Wall tiered list, the potential grew even further bringing in a very restrictive list (at least at first sight) but one that played like no other in the game.

This tier, as earlier, I used for the Journeyman League. Seasoned WarMachine players will probably scream "WHY?!" because it is neither suited to beginners (though in my defence, I had a pretty good handle on the rules by then) nor is it a friendly list to play against, due to its roadblock nature. Tier 3 is quite a kick to the knee for many factions.

Moving on... my experience with Kae has been mixed, as with my whole WarMachine/Retribution experience, but I'll persevere as I was well aware of how steep a learning curve the game has, especially if one decides to dive in straight at 50pts (I didn't, thankfully, but my first few games at 50pts were eye-opening encounters). Having a regular sparring partner with Legion as his main faction hasn't helped, but having my arse handed to me on a plate more often than not has put certain aspects of the game into perspective.

Back on cases. Kae is a little tricky to use at first, not least because her feat is somewhat bewildering for new players, well, it was for me, since I learned in an environment of constant ASSASSINATION!! which Kae's feat is a little pointless for. Scenario play is where her feat shines as it facilitates the alpha strike or compels your opponent to run to engage. Trampling is possible but, with proper pre-feat placement, potentially a waste of initial attacks and severely limiting particularly for often FOC strapped WarMachine factions. Hordes, less so, though I can't say much more, since I haven't been on the receiving end of a trampling beast through my lines.

But given Kae's rather modest combat prowess (she needs regular boosts to hit pretty much every other caster in melee unlike both versions of Vyros and Garryth, and even Ravyn), she's a support caster in the main, but not a backline caster (such as Issyria) as her weapons bring some FOC/FURY manipulation shenanigans that can bring her close to the thick of battle. Nor is she mid-line like Rahn because she can get stuck in with a bit of support. Now... about those rather modest combat abilities, it explains why one of her best friends is the Banshee. Knockdown/slam? Thankee kindly. Send a medium-based model flying into the enemy caster, profit abound.

Obvious methods aside, I've found that Kae can work with almost (note: ALMOST) anything you field with her. Invictors with a Reach-weapon'd myrmidon is a great start. Anyone with a RNG 12"+ gun would be a good target for Phantom Hunter... or herself, for that matter, as it lets her ignore everything under the sun when choosing a target except elevation. And her feat allows her to deliver melee units, of which the Retribution's Houseguard Halberdiers and Dawnguard Sentinels are brilliant examples of, into combat brilliantly. The Thane's Desperate Pace and Vengeance mean that some bunch of unlucky bastards will get a lot of angry elven steel to the face pretty soon unless they think of something quick. A gunline isn't bad either, but better served by someone like Ossyan (his feat certainly promotes it) and Issyria (though she's good with melee oriented lists as well).

So, I've played Kae at the back, creeping forward as the games progress, feating in the second or third turn and letting her wade in shooting in support of her battlegroup and those units still alive from then. Combined arms seems to be her watch-phrase, a little more so than the other Retribution casters. There is a lot of anti-magic in her abilities and spell list, so a little shooty, a little fighty, some support and plenty of decisiveness is the way to go. She has plenty of synergies with much of what the faction has to offer, though unfortunately, she does little to outright strengthen anything. Her feat increases survivability (except against Legion, for the most part) and combinations with various elements make for very subtle tricks. A Gorgon, the Sentinels' Officer and her feat can spell the death of two heavies at the cost of the Gorgon, but at a potential benefit of four points to one, a good trade. A trio of Manticores and their Covering fire (an idea, if Elara decides to tag along, or just by Kae herself under Force Wall, given how Rahn is a massive FOC hog) with an Artificer or Battle Mages is pure battlefield control on a stick. Kae and Eiryss, Mage Hunter Commander (or 3iryss to many) bring enough FOC/FURY games between them to see a lot of cutting or frenzying happen.

Learning as I've gone, a potential list I'm taking against Mortenebra (oh, she of crazy-spider-ladiness) is the following:

Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper (+7)
Warcaster Attachment - Sylys Wyshnalyrr (2)
Heavy Myrmidon - Banshee (10)
Heavy Myrmidon - Phoenix (10)

Character Solo - Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (3)
Solo - Arcanist (1)
Solo - House Shyeel Artificer (3)
Solo - Houseguard Thane (2)

Unit Attachment - Invictor Officer & Standard (2)
Unit - Dawnguard Invictors (10)
Unit Attachment - Halberdier Officer & Standard (2)
Unit - Houseguard Halberdiers (7)
Unit - Stormfall Archers (5)

Still in progress and I'm sure it's sillier than I give it credence for, but because of their low ARM, the Stormfall Archers will have the Artificer keep the company during feat turn so that they'll be protected from deviating AOEs while everything else in the list that'll be close enough to the front lines will be tough enough to weather it. The Halberdiers and Invictors form the front line, Eiryss and the Thane provide support where needed (though it'll be pretty obvious where) while the battlegroup and archers back everything up and act as reserve.

This is, perhaps, the greatest mistake I've made while playing WarMachine. On too many occasions, I've deployed in too wide a line and spread out even further in the first turn and inevitably missed vital models out from exploiting or gaining the protection of my feat. Even cavalry/dragoon solos have seen reduced efficiency because I have a habit of just "moving shit" in my first turn. And unlike Warhammer 40K, WarMachine does not really promote linear tactics since ranges and prevalence of melee (if someone isn't swinging an axe/sword/claw at someone by turn 3, someone must demand where balls have gone!) means getting in more than one round of concentrated fire is difficult at the best of times and ranged based feats need to be very destructive to work. That and the fact that WarMachine is played on a 4x4 table which narrows the field even further. Of course, a list without a ranged game runs a great deal of risks as some of the best weapons in the game are ranged ones, and often stuck on big ponderous buggers that are hard to kill. Thus, to Vegetius we return, and decide that strong reserves are more important than frontage. In the instance of the above list, the frontage, I advise myself, should consist of the two twelve man units and the two heavy myrmidons of the battlegroup, with a couple gaps to let my solos flit about. On one flank, the Halberdiers will hold the enemy up and hopefully take a few things down with them, while on the other, the Invictors will point and fire at what's before them. The battlegroup will take down targets of opportunity to make things easier for the front line units. The Archers, I believe, will be the unknown quantities, since they'll be playing just off the Halberdiers, given that they're less killy than the Dawnguard Sentinels.

*shrug* Ah well, we'll see where this goes.


New purpose...

Sort of...

My free time these days comprises one of two activities... WarMachine/Hordes (whether it's playing, list-building, visiting the Privateer Press community or painting, quantity of time spent on each in that order) or anime.

And since I need to sort my head out... eh... some thoughts about my dice-rolling activities and viewing material might be forthcoming.

Of course... as a racist elf (seems to be a theme in the games I play, as already noted... some months ago now...) the talk will be only of the pointy-eared of Immoren/Caen.

As for anime... watching some series now, but most aren't that good. Silliness of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Denki-gai no Honya-san there hasn't been that much on.

Random thoughts will abound... as ever... and be posted here. And maybe I'll actually get around to writing up more of Imperator: Iberia, particularly the chapter pre-ambles between Laelius & Polybius, which still need a fair bit of mulling over. And weirdly, having trouble resolving the affair between Berenecia and Laelius (shock horror... spoilers!), before, during and after, all OK... but its end... uh... huh... -_-


I'll think of something... eventually... ¬_¬