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Sunday, 22 March 2015

First Medium Based Infantry Unit... w~hoo! ¬_¬

Oh, look, I have a blog! ¬_¬

Anyway, first time in a while I've done a battle report, and this time, as I promised shaggy during week, I threw him a curve ball. His other half had bought him some Iron Fang Pikemen and was giving them a run-out with pButcher. As for me, I had taken delivery of some new stuff on Friday and feverishly set about assembling them and half-painting them yesterday. -_-

What, you may ask? Well, shaggy estimated that my curve ball was going to be my colossal (Hyperion) and that I'd bring it in a tier list with Adeptis Rahn (Fires From on High) and the thought had crossed my mind, but the general consensus is that FFoH doesn't work so well at points limits below 50, so I gave him a rather obtuse answer and left him to think.

So, what then? Well, Lano had played against them... a little, in the past and this was the first time I'd taken them down at Tanelorn, which, it has to be said, was rather disappointing for its turn-out today, unfortunately. Four guys turned up and only one game took place, which was a pity. But never mind, I got my learning experience in, as did Jack with his new acquisitions.

And... am I going to answer the question? Well, eventually!


Still need to paint their muzzles and the rest of the fur on their cloaks... and their Poleaxes etc. etc. etc. but for a couple hours' work while playing Rome: Total War... not bad by my standards... *ahem*

Yes, so Circle Orboros, and PaulO screamed 'CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!' at me, but hey, at least I'm not chucking Bradigus/Wold War or eKrueger or Goatvahna... or Kromac HnR at shaggy. I was being nice... nice as in eKaya. -_-

Me being the silly phool that I am, forgot to take pics of the deployment. *sigh*

Anyway, a first for both of us:

Kaya, the Moonhunter (with her pet wolfie, Laris)

Kaya, the Moonhunter
Druid Wilder
Feral Warpwolf
Warpwolf Stalker
Rotterhorn Griffon
Shifting Stones
Warpborn Skinwalkers (max + Warpborn Alpha)

vs. Orsus Zoktavir, the Butcher-blahdi-blahdi-blah! =P

The Butcher
War Dog
Gorman, Rogue Alchemist
Kovnik Joe
Iron Fang Pikemen (max + UA)
Winter Guard Infantry (max, max Rocketeers + UA)

We hearkened to olden times and played a mission out of SR-2013 because neither of us could be bothered to look up the 2015 edition and there was a hard copy of SR-2013 lying about... -_- (Incoming, with two zones and two objectives). Getting first turn but needing to set up with rough terrain on the left (Pathfinder galore, woohoo, Feral Warpwolf without, not so much, but he'd wade through it quickly enough) I set up my caster smack in the middle of the deployment zone, put Laris, then the Skinwalkers in a line on her left and the Druid Wilder on her left with the Rotterhorn further on. The rest of my force would AD (yeah, Call of the Wild tier 1 benefit, heavies get AD... wut?!), so over to shaggy. His pikemen went on his extreme right (on the other side of a forest), with the Spriggan on the near side in front of the Butcher, Gorman and the puppy. The WGDS rounded out the line. Back to me and the Stones set up in front of Kaya while the Wolves looked across from the Spriggan, while shaggy's marksmen set up shop on the hill in front of his control zone. Oh, and before we started, the Skinwalkers advance moved (tier 2 benefit) towards the Winter Guard.

And off we go. Kaya cast Shadow Pack & Forced Evolution on the Feral Warpwolf and everything ran, the Stones shifting forward and towards the right. Most of shaggy's force ran in response, but he took some speculative shots at the Skinwalkers (damn near everything else I had was Stealth'd). He outright killed one of them before he ended his turn with Gorman dropping a smoke screen around the Butcher.

Yay, Relentless Advance meant the Skinwalkers could charge and wreak havoc on the Winter Guard... with their DEF 12... with Bob 'n Weave... and Iron Flesh! DEF 17 made it annoying to do anything about, but amazingly, got two hits and cleaved a couple of the bearded buggers in twain. However... they forgot to take a drink afterwards (yeah, didn't kick Blood Drinker in). Then Kaya activated, cast Acceleration on the Druid Wilder, moved around the building and feated. Most of the beasts were now outside of CTRL range, but no matter. Feat negated it. The Stalker charged the pikemen with Berserk up and cleaned out five of them before zooming back to Kaya's side. The Feral went next and had to boost its speed to get close enough to the Spriggan to give it a clobber or six. Did respectable damage, but all of it was right down the middle of the 'jack's grid (more than half-damage dealt but no systems disabled). Laris chomped a pikeman as well while the Rotterhorn, stuck behind the building, could only run up. The Wilder then Conditioned the Feral and used Spirit Shift to have Kaya in shaggy's control zone to hopefully dominate next turn.

shaggy responded by running the pikemen into Kaya's zone to claim. The Spriggan waded in and poked two of the Skinwalkers to death, while the Winter Guard ambled around (one of them died to a free strike, at DEF 17 considering the model's points value... worth it!) and shot the Alpha, killing it with a couple CRA's.

Back to me and I actually made rather heavy work of winning it given that shaggy could have contested his zone to deny me the dominate (my bad, the Skinwalkers had no arc markings, but should have been alright in any event due to base size and proximity of the edge of the zone). The Skinwalkers took a few swipes at his objective, taking it down to 3. The heavies ran off to do stuff which was mostly unnecessary (the Feral managed a Sprint (from the Wilder) to contest Kaya's zone)... including (damn you, Lano for telling me about failed charges wrong! You're wrong for once!! Failed charge = Activation over, no side-swiping!) the Stalker getting nowhere near the WG UA. The Rotterhorn's shriek got rid of the nearest Khadorans from his zone while Laris finished his objective off. Kaya was still in the zone for the dominate, so 5-1 at the end of my third turn.

Thusly (a bad pic, but a pic nonetheless... -_- ):

An educational first go with eKaya... need to brush up on FURY arithmetic and permutations for the future, definitely. A couple games with and without the Gorax will see whether I need the cantankerous bastard or not!


Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Heroes' Path

Well, with the release of the Death Jester and Shadowseer today, it was rather obvious that I was going to acquire some... or a whole load... *ahem*

I took a bit of a risk when assembling the Death Jester (which was mildly annoying because of the way the top of his coat fits in place) because it'll be quite difficult to properly paint his trousers when fully assembled, but eh... I'm a poor painter at the best of times so it'll hardly matter. Either way, stonking model!

Herewith his fellow characters within the Masque:

For these three, I'll paint them all side by side and, hopefully, have them as a work in progress here (so long as I remain motivated to do so... chances are, I'll get suckered back by a new release for WarMachine... like yay! Moros is coming soon...! *ugh*). Moving on, both the Shadowseer and the Death Jester are pretty good sculpts, and personally, I consider them better than the Solitaire. The Death Jester is better than its metal/Finecast predecessor in particular, perched on a stone ruin, looking down at its next victim, his shrieker cannon held rather casually. The Shadowseer is also a great model as well, but isn't so different from its older version aside from the weapon option and the scenery. With pinky stuck out on her right hand, though, she's gloriously English!

Still, I like the lot, heroes old & new!

Now to let them make someone weep! -_-

For the hobby...(!)

Oh, the things we do for our hobbies...


*ugh* Why do I do this?!

Anyway, X-Wing Miniatures' Scum & Villainy was released, Friday so I picked up the Most Wanted pack (because three ships, 2 Z-95 Headhunters and a Y-Wing, plus cards for six all for the price of two is a pretty good deal) and the StarViper (because it looks bizarrely cool). All told, the two expansions are pretty good. The colour scheme for the new faction-old ships is certainly more interesting than for the Rebels, while the StarViper brings in a new manoeuvre (3-slight-turn with a facing-flip, rather curious).

As for my Imperials, an interesting one is the Autothrusters Modification (long range/outside of firing arc evade buff) that'll mean that the Rebel large ships (Millennium Falcon and motley co...) will have a much harder time of it when being zapped by loads of Interceptors. Need to get a few games in again, though to check it out. As usual, though, the pilot abilities are a mixed bag, and there's a new add-on that looks to be intriguing.

And... back to the Harlequins...

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Trickster Dice for the Trickster God...

Oh, the joys of retrieving stuff from one's attic & other cupboards and storage facilities... ¬_¬

Anyway, after a Sunday morning (... yes I'm so on the ball, aren't I?) of rummaging around, I found these!

From the back: 'Quins the New; 'Quins the Old; and 'Quins the Even Older. -_-

Pity I don't have 'Quins the Ancient to round out my (still) unpainted collection. And *sigh* yes... I did buy two Solitaires for teh lulz... -__- Hell, I've ordered a(nother) Dark Elf Shadowblade to do a converted Great Harlequin... its absence from the codex: 'Quins being a source of mild disappointment for me... have I mentioned that already? Eh... never mind.

More importantly, however, is that I've acquired... moar daiss!!

Ten limited edition, Eldar Harlequin themed dice in an appropriately chequered tin...

Right... so far so relatively mundane as far as dice go, but there's a faint colour tint to them... blue for three on the left, green for three on the right and grey-ish for the lower four. Turn them around and it becomes more obvious:

Ooooo, shiny! -__-

Yes, I am one of they who are easily awed by six-sided objects that hold infinite promises of victory, ever to be disappointed, but who cares, 'cos they look pretty!

Uh... yeah... I think I'll be using them tomorrow for Mordheim of all things... which will be a relief for shaggy... according to him, these dice are cursed! Ironically, they were first used for WarMachine. Uh... *ahem*

Bye for now... *I know... must paint more* *ugh*


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Quin Fix

Right... uh...



Ehm... yes, well... I went and got the Codex: Harlequins... Troupe Master Edition 169/900... Dunno what on earth possessed me to get it, but I got it nonetheless, and that money is now lost to me. However, judging by today's events, I'm not too hard-up about it, considering delivery companies in the UK are getting increasingly questionable (Dark Sphere don't have their pre-orders even though today is the release date and GW had the SE stuff yesterday afternoon).

Still... even though 'Eavy Metal's quality doesn't look as good as it used to be (colours aren't as smooth as I remember them... in bygone years... *ahem*) there was quite a lot of good stuff in the TME codex: the codex in hardback with an different cover (Codex: Harlequins); the painting guide (also with a different cover) (The Warriors of the Laughing God); and all gameplay related tokens and cards (thirty-six tactical objective cards including the six Harlequin specific ones and twenty-one psychic power cards including the Harlequin specific Phantasmancy Discipline, the others being Telepathy & Daemonology (Sanctic), the latter of which I have little familiarity with) (The Gifts of Cegorach). The tactical objectives and psychic powers are all backed in plain black, but have a subtle shimmering of the characteristic Harlequin check. The objective markers are smoky grey/black plastic diamonds numbered one to six and with the Harlequin faction symbol on them. And to top it off... all the pages of the codex & painting guide are gilt edged... fancy! -_-

I spent a bit of today looking over the codex, and now that I know the army list in its entirety, the Harlequins can be summed up with a familiar phrase: glass sword. I'd say "glass cannon", but all their shooting is pretty short range. Veil of Tears would make long ranged shooting both troll-worthy (for the 'Quin player) and, perhaps appropriately, tear-inducing in the enemy player. 24" seems to be the magic distance in the army. I need to brush up on a lot of special rules and mechanisms, but from what I can tell, there are some downright dirty synergies to be had here. Such as the Mask of Secrets on a character (I'm thinking the Solitaire so it can bounce around like a drunk hippy) surrounded by a large bubble of Fear causing models. Yeah... CHARGE, hitting first on 3's... and in all likelihood going to be hit back on 5's. Rising Crescendo alone will be enough to have Tau, Marine and other shooty factions' players crying cheese... I wryly wonder to myself... they're Eldar... where's Battle Focus?! *ahem*

Anyway, the 'Quins will certainly hit fast (yeah, very fast) and pretty damned hard, too... Furious Charge combined with the sheer number of attacks a single Troupe would bring (on the charge, a minimum unit has no fewer than twenty-one attacks) will clear out most infantry. Points vs. points, I don't think there's any non-vehicle non-monstrous creature unit in the game that would be able to go toe to toe against the Harlequins when they've been charged by them, especially when the special weapons come in. Outside of close combat, though, the 'Quins are appropriately quite vulnerable with the thin protection of the Starweaver or the Shadowseer's powers (most notable the Veil and Dance of Shadows) to help keep them relatively unscathed until they get to bury various weapons in their hecklers' innards (hey, a thespian is permitted a reaction!).

The question is therefore, now, how to go about building a list to reduce the Troupe's general flaw in that a 5+ Inv save is usually not enough to see them through an encounter? At first blush, there's either the mechanised route (Starweavers galore); or the Shadowseer route (attach a Shadowseer to each max Troupe and cast the Veil every turn). That said, the Shadowseer is pretty spunky herself, striking at I7 S6 on the charge, wounding on 2's, with 5 attacks. And if she has Fog of Dreams up, whoever she's fighting against will be flailing impotently, so she likely won't need that 5+ Inv of hers.

The other major weakness I observe is that the Quins have no real way of dealing with Flyers or heavy armour. No Skyfire and an insufficient shot count means flyers are able to dart in and hit them, while there's only a smattering of Fusion Pistols and Haywire Cannons to deal with vehicles. We'll see where this leads.

Here for your entertainment... -__-


Friday, 20 February 2015

First Night at the Creative Biscuit

Riot of riotville let the gang know about a quaint little crafts-cafe in South Woodford where the proprietor is a WarMachine player with a hankering to get back into the game. Tim, genial chap though he is, clearly didn't realise what he was getting himself into, letting the rambunctious (as the evening proved) Nomads crash by.

It was a pretty good turn-out: Jeez-George; Macca; riot; shaggy; mr2key; jiri; DAMON; Neil; Russ; and of course our generous host, Tim. Lano, though, couldn't make it, which was a pity as he was the only gaming regular not present.

Ah well... on to dice-rolling. jiri & DAMON set up a small game of Warhammer Fantasy on one table, Macca and riot had a loud and jolly(!) time playing another Mordheim campaign game, Jeez-George and Russ floated from table to table while Tim, mr2key, shaggy and myself had a couple small games of WarMachine.

So, representing the Motherland!

Tim with Strakhov:

And shaggy with pVlad:

Representing the drunk Trolls, mr2key with... actually, I can't remember which caster he's got... I just get flashbacks of pFeora surrounded by flames... *ahem*:

And of course... my lot:

mr2key and shaggy had a quick 15pt game, while Tim and I went for 25pts (as he already had a list sorted). It being a very long time since he had had a game, we took it easy and introduced him to the various tricks and shenanigans (shaggy's favourite word... for pretty much everything I play!) that Retribution has (considering he had never faced them before). He was naturally a tad rusty, but knew his way around the elements of his force. I was, unfortunately for him, though, a tad slam-happy! Force Hammer and the Banshee's Momentum knocked things about and in turn 3, I noticed an opportunity and we went through my assassination run. We chatted for a few minutes while mr2key (who forgot about his Trollkin Champs having 8 hitboxes each!) was gradually cleaned up by shaggy who is now thoroughly addicted to Signs & Portents and the WGDS's mass of sprays! Strakhov is a new caster as far as my experience against goes, and though I know his feat (probably better to play Rahn rather than Kaelyssa given that her feat makes it impossible for him to do likewise) and immunities, I knew little else. A few neat spells makes him a curious Khador caster, the notoriously ponderous faction... and in Tim's case, a nicely painted army, too!

There was then (just) enough time for me and mr2key to play 15pts (almost all of which was painted! w00t!):

max. Exemplar Cinerators
Nicia, Tear of Vengeance
and a Vassal of Menoth (wrong model, though, I think he used a Choir leader... well, some dude with a cross on a stick... either way, AKA 'the boobs', as one model he's used on previous occasions is basically a nekkid woman in the wrong scale made by Reaper! Heh!)


Kaelyssa (PLEASE let that be pKaelyssa with the coming of Reckoning... even though rumours are it'll be eRahn we'll get... *sigh*)
Fane Knight Skeryth
House Shyeel Artificer

Well, the gist of it was that we ran at each other, the Vassal kept doing Ancillary Attack on the Vanquisher and the Banshee was set on fire, but it went out pretty quick. And depleting focus (two boosted attempts of Arc' Bolts against Nicia... both missed)... the Banshee, though, moved to within Stealth range and flying off she went. -_-

The next time he tried it, though, he set his own Cinerators on fire! Turn 2, I feated, and he ran to engage.

The Banshee proceeded to fluff his lines and hit twice out of five attacks with fives to hit! Uh-doi!! *ugh* Thankfully, their return hits (they oddly don't have Reach... even though I compared their swords to the Sentinels' Great Swords... which proved to be much shorter... yet gave my chaps Reach... uh-wha?!) didn't do much either. In the meantime, Feora was off blasting Narn in the face, which seemed rather petty tit-for-tat... my acrobat for yours!

Feora turned away from that and feated herself just as the Banshee and the Pain Knight continued clobbering the Cinerators. Enliven put on the Vanquisher turned out to be pointless as Kae Arc'Bolted it letting the Pain Knight poke it a couple times for good measure. However, she was starting to get a bit crispy...!

Yeah, the fire went out on the Banshee... even though it needed the help least! *sigh* Anyway, after Kae was primely placed needing to help the Knight out, Feora legged it in to pour some more fiery hate on her. Her first flamethrower hit took Kae down to 6... the second... down to 5! But that's the end of the good news for me, she remained on fire and I rolled an 11 for damage... more lemons!!


And that was literally the last roll of the dice for the evening! Thankee Tim, hope to see you again soon, thankee riot for setting the whole thing up, thankee mr2key for the ride home, thankee shaggy... actually, I'm not thanking you! =P


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A Butcher's Mortality...

Sunday just gone, after fawning over my new acquisitions... and wasting more money on some more of the space-clowns *ahem*... off to Tanelorn I went.

First game was Godslayer... and even though it was supposed to be battlebox with 160pts... Nigel wiped the floor with my Halodynes (using wave 2 Troglodytes, who are among the beardiest bunch of bastards going as far as I can tell... ¬_¬ ). Still, it was more to learn the rules than anything else, and three idiots (myself, Nigel and nepalese_ninja) were all sitting there like lemons at several points looking up rules about charges etc. all with our own copies of the rulebook. -_- As I say... learning the rules... sort of.

Anyway, main event of my afternoon was playing WarMachine against major_winters (Nick), who I'd never played before, and is the club's Menoth player, who would play Thyra more if she weren't so shit (his words not mine! Even if I agree...!). Oddly, though, he had these guys...

... instead. *shrug* OK, shaggy plays these hard bastards, so what's the worst that could happen... well... they were led by none other than...

... this ridiculous asshole wearing a cauldron on his belly. Yeah, Butcher3... toting 2 Kodiaks, Beast09 (another first for me... and major_winters as well, as it happened), Doom Reavers, Iron Fang Pikemen, Greylord Ternion a few other bits and pieces... and a puppy. Yeah, Butcher3, who already has two two-headed canines... decides to bring a puppy as well... 'cos why not and 1pt to burn... *sigh*

Anyway, I brought my usual tech with Kae. We had Close Quarters (I think) as the scenario, and I won the roll off, opting to go first. Up everything ran, though Eiryss2 had a pot shot (out of range) at the AD'ed Doom Reavers, while spellcasting of note was Phantom Hunter on the Banshee. Fine fine, the Khadorans ran back at me, the Doom Reavers tying up Eiryss in combat and seeing her run away. My turn 2 and Kae feated, Backlashed one of the Kodiaks, which promptly got pummelled by the Invictors, scratching the Butcher a bit. Eiryss rallied, but still had half a dozen Reavers leering at her. Nick's turn saw the 'Lashed Kodiak run away, the Pikemen shamble forward more while the Butcher himself ran helter skelter down the middle, popped Impending Doom and only managed to drag the unlucky Phoenix in and promptly saw it smacked to pieces. Granted, it needed Red Haze to accomplish it, but Nick's rolling was unfortunately... unfortunate (double one's to hit... next attack, triple ones to damage...) Left on one FOC, the ternion came up and dropped a few clouds to cover. No use... Banshee's boosted shot slammed the Butcher back into one of his Arguses killing it. Kae cycled Phantom Hunter to herself and nicked her opposite number's focus with a Runebolt shot, killed the second Argus with a double boosted Arcantrik Bolt (we rather belatedly realised it was engaged by the Halberdiers... and I forgot that Arcane Secrets expires on the first spell cast, doesn't matter what it is). The Invictors had been tied up by the fresh Kodiak, but enough were available for a grand CRA, and dealt the Butcher a fair shot to the face. Aiyana cast the Kiss and Holt finished the downed Khadoran with a buffed damage roll of nine.

So ends my first experience against Butcher3... and major_winters knowingly advised me that the next time we meet, he'll play something he knows... like eFeora!


Oh yeah, hey, mr2key, you like eFeora, too, dontcha?! =P

Anyway, here was the final position:

So... lesson of the day: sure I planned the assassination before Nick even cast Impending Doom, but damn, I royally buggered up the order of activation:

What I did: Banshee; Sylys; Kae; Invictors; Aiyana & Holt; (game over).

For maximum effect, I should've opened with the Banshee, as I actually did do, then have Aiyana cast the Kiss of Lyliss so that all subsequent damage is more effective (Holt's shots would never have that much impact by themselves, not against a caster with ARM like the Butcher's). Off of Arcane Secrets, the first spell cast had to be offensive... so the first target had to be the Argus (being a medium base with just small bases in the way, LOS not a problem), then cycle Phantom Hunter and plink off the Butcher's focus. Thankfully, back-up in the form of a pair (maybe 3 including the UA) of Halberdiers could've finished the Butcher off in a pinch (pop mini-feat, auto-hit with pretty high PS, it was kinda hard not to slice/dice him).

As for Nick... bring a Bokur... -_-

Until next time... and after more 'Quin painting...